Our histories in developing English communication and leadership skills

CU Gavel Club has organized the English communication and leadership skills development activities since 2010. Before the club formation, we were previously known as English club and Speechcraft. Later, we have made ourselves to be the center of English speaking community. In addition, we focus on developing communication and leadership skills for the students.

Our Timeline

Formerly known as English Club and Public Speaking Club of Chulalongkorn University

Before the official charter of CU Gavel Club in 2010, the club was formerly known as an English club run by Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI).

Since 1980, due to a small popularity of English language among the CU students, only a small number of the students joined the club at that time. However, from 1980 to 1990, the English Club became very popular among Chulalongkorn University students. The club led by one President each year organized many activities for its members, for example, practicing listening and speaking, watching English movies, playing English word games, English camps, year trip to Khao Yai National Park and other activities.

From the 90s to the start of 21st Century, even though the number of members declined to a small amount of the students, there was still an English Club. The club has had activities for students to enhance their English skills, and one of those was the introduction of Public Speaking to Chulalongkorn University students. Members had a meeting every Wednesday during the academic semester. Later, the meeting time was moved from every Wednesday evening to every Saturday morning.

Toastmasters Speechcraft: The New Beginning of Broader Vision

In 2008 under the leadership of a Laemthong Toastmasters Club member, Competent Communicator Wilai, who was also a CULI teacher during 1980s, and Competent Communicator Penchan organized a Toastmasters International satellite program called ‘Speechcraft’ and was introduced to the English Club via a partnership between CULI and the 34 Toastmasters volunteers in Division T, District 80.

Speechcraft is a special module of Toastmasters International’s Success/Communication series designed to allow experienced communicators/leaders in Toastmasters International community to demonstrate the nature of Toastmasters training and to present to Speechcrafters the fundamentals of public speaking in a Toastmasters club meeting format, which is a short, seminar-style program.

There were 5 meetings on the Saturdays from 9 January to 6 February 2010, 09.00 – 12.00 noon. During those five Saturdays, CU Speechcrafters saw firsthand how the meetings were conducted. All of them had the opportunity to learn and practice impromptu speaking. There were 20 speechcrafters delivering prepared speeches taken from Toastmasters’ basic speaking manual – 12 Project 1, The Ice breaker speeches, 5 Project 2, Be in Earnest speeches and 3 Project 3,Organize Your Speech speeches. In addition, at every meeting, the Speechcrafters received evaluations of their performances from competent volunteer Toastmasters from Clubs in Thailand. In all, 33 assisted in making this program possible.

The success of this program is credited to Chulalongkorn University Language Institute and most of the Toastmasters clubs of Division T, District 80.



CU Gavel Club Pre-Meetings and Official Charter

After the success from Speechcraft program, the club was transformed into another Toastmasters International satellite program called Gavel Club which is an affiliate of Toastmasters International with the same meeting format as Toastmasters Club as of May 2010. The meeting of this new club started as of June 2010 called as unofficial pre-meetings of the CU Gavel Club. The meetings were regularly organized on Saturday from 09:00-12:00 at Self-Access Learning Center, Prem Purachatra building, Chulalongkorn University Language Institute.

Finally in November 2010, Chulalongkorn University Gavel Club was officially chartered with Toastmasters International as a Toastmasters Gavel club with the charter number 1530473. The club was honored to have the Division T Governor as well as the advisor of the Division T to witness and attend the charter ceremony. The charter was done with 15 CU students from different years and faculties in Chulalongkorn University to be known as the first set of Gaveliers of Chulalongkorn University.

The Center of English Communication and Leadership Skills Development for CU students

CU Gavel Club is a community club in Chulalongkorn University organized by Chulalongkorn University Language Institute focusing on the following skills development using English as a medium language.

  1. Communication skills
  2. Public Speaking skills
  3. Leadership skills
  4. English Conversational skills

CU Gavel Club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International, the biggest non-profit organization in U.S. which help members in more 110+ countries around the globe to develop the public speaking and leadership skills in the form of clubs with regular meetings.

The club was formally chartered with Toastmasters International in November, 2010 with the sponsorship from Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI) under the governance of Division T (Thailand), District 80, Toastmasters International. Currently, CU Gavel Club is now under the new District 97P (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar) and still holds meetings regularly on every Saturday, 9:00am.

At the present, the club is now entering the 8th year of services with 20+ active members from various faculties in Chulalongkorn University. More than 100+ of CU Gavel Club graduated members are marked successful in both career and education paths.

In 2015, CU Gavel Club celebrated its 100th Meeting in April 2015 with almost 4 years of services. The club has already developed more than 50 talent members who are now joining many leading organizations and industries in Thailand, such as Microsoft, Google, Ernst & Yong, Deloitte, PwC, Chevron, Marriott, Allianz, Nation Channels, BBTV CH7, UNHCR and many more. In addition, many of our members have been granted a scholarship to continue their Master degree abroad in USA, Europe, Japan, Taiwan and many other destinations.