Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a lot of questions about Chulalongkorn University Gavel Club (CU Gavel Club)?

You may quickly find the answers to your questions easier and quicker at our Frequently Asked Questions zone. Our members have listed all mostly-asked questions by the students and visitors with the answers here.

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Frequently Asked Questions List

When is the club meeting?


CU Gavel Club meetings are scheduled on Saturdays from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. at CULI English Cafe by Amazon, Prem Purachatra building, Chulalongkorn University during the regular academic semester 1 and 2. The meeting calendar is updated every semester and can be found on CU Gavel Club Facebook fanpage or Our Meeting page on the CU Gavel Club website.

However, CU Gavel Club will not hold the meetings on long weekends and during the examination periods (2 weeks before the exam week and 1 week after the exam week, both Mid-term and Final.) We strongly recommend you to recheck our schedule before attending our meetings.

In addition, the club will hold no meeting during the summer and winter breaks.

How can I join the activities?


There is no pre-registration required to join our meetings. You can easily check our meeting schedule on our Facebook fanpage at or at Our Meeting page on our website, and later visit our meeting venue to participate in our sessions right away.

However, for the Chula 1st year students who are taking EXP ENG I/II course by Chulalongkorn University Language Institute, in order to receive a stamp credit in CULI Passport, they must register to reserve their spots to receive the stamp atลงทะเบียนคูลี่พาสปอร์ต (Only 15 spots are available at our meeting.)

What are the sessions or activities at CU Gavel Club meeting?


There are four main sessions at CU Gavel Club meetings. Each session provide different learning with specific purposes. All of the activities are organized in friendly environment and fun atmosphere. More information on our meeting sessions can be found at Our Meeting page.

I wish to join, but I am afraid that my English is poor. What shall I do?


Our priority is not to look for talented students or English experts, but we are always searching for the students whose English communication skills are in the Beginner or Intermediate Level and are looking to find a place to develop their skills in a long term.

Our members consist of the students if all different language competency levels. Some cannot speak confidently, and some are now able to. By providing opportunities to communicate more and learn from other feedback, the participants will then be able to improve their skills dramatically over the time.

Therefore, if you think your language skills are not in a good level, then CU Gavel Club is definitely the place for you!

How much is the fee for the activities?


There is no fee for the visiting students. Everything is FREE! including free snacks and juices during a 15-minute recess at our meeting.

On the other hand, for the students who are interested to be the club regular members (Gaveliers), a yearly fee will be required to contribute with special privileges and benefits where the normal visiting students are not entitled to. You can learn more about the benefits of being a Gavelier at Gaveliers Family page.

What is the dress code at CU Gavel Club meeting?


For undergraduate students (Year 1-4), the participating students shall wear the proper university uniform. Unless available, the students can sometimes wear smart casuals (polite and professional.)

For post-graduate students, the dress code is smart casual.

Are there any club meetings on weekdays (Mon-Fri)?


Currently, CU Gavel Club only has the regular meetings on Saturdays due to the unavailability of the meeting venue and members, especially our advisors. Nevertheless, we will officially announce in the future in case the club activities become available on the weekdays.