Our Educational Programs

Have you ever wonder how our members improve their English communication and leadership skills?

CU Gavel Club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International in the United States of America. We offer two of Toastmasters educational programs for our club members to develop their communication and leadership skills. In more details, the two educational programs are Communication and Leadership track.

Moreover, we also provide the Basic Organization Leadership program for the members interested in preparing for the future careers by taking parts as our club officers. Let us introduce you all of our development programs we offer at our club!

Communication track

CU Gavel Club members build their communication skills begin with Competent Communication.


Competent Communication
This manual consists of basic 10 speech projects to develop communication skills one step at a time. When a member finishes all of the projects, the member will receive Competent Gavelier Communicator award. Toastmasters International will send a Competent Gavelier Communicator certificate to the member with the signature of Toastmasters International President.

Project 1: The ice breaker
Project 2: Organize your speech
Project 3: Get to the point
Project 4: How to say it
Project 5: Your body speaks
Project 6: Vocal variety
Project 7: Research your topic
Project 8: Get comfortable with visual aids
Project 9: Persuade with power
Project 10: Inspire your audience


Advanced Communication Track
Gaveilers can develop more advanced communication skills through the Advanced Communication Series manuals. There are 15 Advanced Communication manuals. Each contains five speech projects. In addition, many of the manuals are career-oriented. Gaveliers can choose the manuals they want to complete, or the skills they want to learn.

The Entertaining Speaker
Speaking to inform
Public Relations
The Discussion Leader
Specialty Speeches
Speeches by Management
Professional Speaker
Technical Presentations
Persuasive Speaking
Communication On Television
Interpretive Reading
Interpersonal Communication
Special Occasion Speeches
Humorous Speeches

Leadership track

CU Gavel Club members interested in building their leadership capabilities begin with Competent Leadership.
Competent Leadership
This is the core of the leadership development program for Gaveliers. The Competent Leadership manual features 10 projects that they complete while serving in various club meeting roles. An evaluator will give feedback on each project, helping them to improve. When they complete the manual, they will be granted the Competent Leader award, and a Competent Leader certificate will be sent from Toastmasters International to the Gavelier with the signature of Toastmasters International President.

Project 1: Listening
Project 2: Critical Thinking
Project 3: Giving Feedback
Project 4: Time Management
Project 5: Planning and Implementation
Project 6: Organization and Delegation
Project 7: Facilitation
Project 8: Motivation
Project 9: Mentoring
Project 10: Team Building


Basic Organization Leadership
Gaveliers can also gain the basic leadership experiences as club officers of CU Gavel Club. With a close guidance from the club advisors, the members will learn to operate a small organization starting from planning strategies, executing operations, collaborating with people and creating the best values. Moreover, the responsibilities from being club officers can also be credited for the projects in Competent Leader.

The positions where the members can take and learn the basic leadership are as follow:
Vice President Education
Vice President Membership
Vice President Public Relations
Sergeant At Arms


Think of taking our educational program?

Our educational programs are exclusively for CU Gavel Club members. Learn more about the benefits of being a Gavelier and start your journey with us!