English communication and leadership skills at Chulalongkorn University

We are a community of Toastmasters program at Chulalongkorn University Language Institute in Bangkok. Our purpose is to help students improving especially English communication and leadership skills. Since 2010, almost 100 students have grown their skills with us, and have become successful in their careers and education studies.

CU Gavel Club welcomes either current students or alumni to join the activities. Every meeting is always in a friendly environment and fun atmosphere while you also have chances to practice your skills. Additionally, you will learn to improve your skills through constructive feedback and suggestions from our advisors, guest speakers and especially other members.

Who is CU Gavel Club for?

CU Gavel Club is open for current and past Chulalongkorn University students from any degrees, faculties, years and genders who are interested in improving English communication skills, boosting self-confidence, learning the basic leadership skills and shaping their future.

Whether you are Engineering, Science, Arts, Commerce and Accountancy, Architect, Economics, Laws, Medicine or other faculty students, you are more than welcome to visit our meeting and enjoy our learning activities.

Our club members are full of varieties. Not only we have students from almost every faculty and year with different expertise, our advisors and alumni network from many fields with valuable experiences are rotating frequently to provide suggestions and comments to the members.

Our Meetings

How could our meetings reinforce your communication and leadership skills? We invite students and alumni to find out at our meetings. Don’t miss your chance to learn and have fun in our friendly atmosphere!

Our stories

It has been almost 7 years since our establishment. Consequently, we have played a part in our students’ success either in career or educational life. Read our stories behind the success of our program and how we have done it!

Gaveliers Family

CU Gavel Club provides you the great opportunities to connect with our members in the university. Additionally, we invite you to join our growing network, and be a part of lovely community!